The goods, the girl, the process, the magic!

"How did you come up with your shop name?" <-- The question everyone asks. ;)

When one of my close friends had her first son and he began talking, he struggled with my first name: "Krysten" came out as "Gherkin"; it caught on and became a kind of running joke between us. In 2008, when I opened my etsy online shop and enlisted my husband's help in choosing a business name, one of the suggestions he blurted out in true brainstorm fashion was "GHERKIN'S BUCKET!", and we got a good chuckle out of the sheer silliness of it. stuck, and here I am. ;D

All my soaking, dyeing, washing, and drying take place in my stand-alone studio on our home property. We broke ground on it in Oct. 2015, and I officially moved into it in Feb 2016. It has been a HUGE step forward in increasing my production levels, and it is just a wonderful place to work. My husband and I built it ourselves, with some help from friends (and a good electrician...because...yeah, electricity is scary), so I am really proud of the accomplishment and so very appreciative of my husband's fearless skills in designing and building!

I've been a craft-oriented person all my life, and especially fond of colorplay. I use high-quality, professional supplies and high-end, luxury yarn and fiber blends, and I've been dyeing consistently since 2008. I am an avid knitter, crocheter, spinner, designer (and sometimes weaver and felter) and am inspired by beautiful things: images, ideas, and especially words and phrases. Many people love to hear the backstories on the names of my colorways - always feel free to ask if you're curious about one!

I started online, and I've been slowly expanding into local brick and mortar yarn stores here in Arizona as well as outside of the state. I am looking forward to reaching out to even more eager crafters nationwide, so ask your Local Yarn Store to contact me if you'd like to see my products on their shelves!

Thank you for your interest in Gherkin's Bucket; I hope you enjoy browsing and find something you love!

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